Info - Eudes de Santana

Photographer, Film Maker and Art Director (with this particular portfolio sent upon request) with BA in Graphic Design based in Berlin. If you are interested in finding out more about my work or in working with me, please feel free to contact:

+49 176 25389541

Represented in the UK by

DMB Represents

David Birkitt  

+44 (0) 203 579 5069

In Italy by

1806 Agency

Andrea Bertuzzi

+39 02 4537 4670


Nike, Sony, Asics, T-Mobile Austria, TK Maxx, Audi, Vogue Brazil, Zeit Magazin, Zeit Campus, Die Zeit, Spin, Vice, Neon Magazine, Deutsche Bank Art Magazine, Credit Suisse/Bulletin Magazine, Tatler UK, Vanidad, Intro Magazine, Jetzt Süddeutsche Zeitung, Dazed and Confused, Canada, Axel Springer, Libresse, Bsur Amsterdam, The Brooklyn Brothers London, The Adventures Of, Jung von Matt, Smith & Santana.

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